Renowned watercolorist, Lise de Maisonneuve acquired a solid experience in architectural design the city of Montreal. A graduate in graphic art, she becomes a member of the Canadian Watercolour Society in 1992. She goes on to win several mentions and prizes, including best of show in 1999 for her painting “Soleil du Midi” chosen to illustrate the upcoming events of the 2000 Canadian Watercolour Society show. In 2003 she wins the coveted Ogilvy award for her work: “il etait une fois…”

Over her 20 year artistic career, she participates to multiple shows in Quebec and Ontario. Broadening her horizons, she displays her watercolours in Luxembourg in 1999, and in France during the “festival d’aquarelle de Brioude” in 2003, 2005, 2009 and 2011 where she teaches a workshop, executes a public demonstration accompanied by musicians and presents twenty watercolour paintings. Her painting “Clin d’oeil a Dali” done in Brioude in 2003 is chosen to illustrate the 2005 edition of the festival.

Cavalia presents her horse paintings

During the “National culture days” event, she paints and exhibits several of her compositions at the Montreal museum of fine arts. Her classes at the museum and her Laval studio are sought after for her exceptional pedagogic approach. A versatile artist, she has also worked with bronze, clay, wood and multimedia .

Her experience in the medium leads to her being asked to judge several prestigious shows including the yearly Canadian Watercolour Society salon, the “ Sur les traces de Marc Aurele Fortin” show and the “Les jeunes Desjardins” show.

Madame de Maisonneuve’s talent resides in saturating her compositions with light and atmosphere, inviting deep and inspiring emotions. Rigorous spatial organisation and technical control are the characteristics explaining the popularity of her works with collectors.

“Excellent technical control, lights chosen with great care, the work of Quebec’s Lise de Maisonneuve embodies realism infused with intense style and ambience”. Quoted from “La ruche” newspaper, Brioude, France